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Cynthia Closkey

I'm sure the silence in the comments is due to the absolute excellence of that Roger Daltrey scream. Definitive rock-and-roll indeed.

But to pipe up a bit: I think a better rock-and-roll Beatles moment can be found than "Wanna Hold Your Hand." The opening of "Helter Skelter" comes to mind. And Lennon screaming "I got blisters on my fingers" at the end. Hard to beat that whole song, you know.

I also note a certain gender-focus in your list. (Not counting Wham, I guess). Surely some of the girls can contribute. How about:

  • Blondie singing "Getcha, getcha, getcha, getcha" on One Way or Another
  • Joan Jett -- the obvious choice is the chorus of "I Love Rock and Roll," but I prefer the punkiness of "Bad Reputation," so let's go with the chorus of that
  • Something by Chrissie Hynde

But for pure rock and roll, I vote for Patti Smith singing/saying/snarling "G-L-Ohhh-Arrrr-I-yi-yi-yi-yi-yi." Because: "Jesus died for somebody's sins, but not mine."


As much as I don't like the song, I think the opening guitar licks of "Sweet Child Of Mine" by Guns 'n Roses is quite good.

I'd also go with the opening of Hard Day's Night.

I am sure I could think of more if I hadn't been up since 4:15 am. We better find a way to get that kid to sleep better.


What about those great moments that are also great misheard moments in rock like when Jimi sings "Excuse me, while I kiss this guy." Or when Plant sings "And there's a wino down the road," during the part when Stairway kicks into drive. I love those moments.

John Edgar Whiteoak

These are all excellent suggestions.

I'd nominate the opening of "You Can't Sit Down" by the Dovells. It's about as subtle as a building collapse.

Another classic moment in that record comes where there's a long, loud, raucous saxophone and drum break which literally crashes to an end. Then Len Barry goes "a-yeah yeah, yeah," and the noise starts back up again.

South Philly sound, man!


Cindy -- mea culpa. I'd have to go with Janis Joplin's wailing in "Piece of My Heart" as the most rock-and-roll moment from a female, and that'd be a fine contender for the overall title regardless of gender.

Although personally, I think my favorite rock record by a female might just have to be Melissa Etheridge's awesome "Like the Way I Do."


I'll go with one of the three:

1. The opening of "Crazy Train" followed by Ozzy's "aye, aye. aye.."

2. The opening of "Enter Sandman" along with James Hetfield growling lyrics from low to high - "Hush little baby, dont say a word, And never mind that noise you heard, Its just the beast under your bed,
In your closet, and in your head"

3. The robotic voice "I am Ironman" in Sabbath's Ironman


I gotta question Wham within a reference to rock and/or roll. Way, way to Pop.

Ms. Caroline

I have a similar post on my site asking about the longest song anyone knows. I'd appreciate your input.

Mark Stroup

I'm not the biggest of Who fans, but you're right about the scream. Same with Ozzie's "aye, aye, aye."

Mark Stroup

The riff on Dylan's "Highway 61," or maybe Robbie Robertson's outre playing on "Leopard Skin Pillbox Hat."

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